Richard Timperio
December 18, 1946 - September 9, 2018
Founder/Director of Sideshow Gallery

“A native of Ohio, Richard Timperio arrived in New York in 1970 with dreams of becoming an artist, although his first foray was the design for a pinball machine. Relocating to New Mexico, he found he was able to make a living in commercial art. (It was in the south-west that he acquired his trademark black cowboy hat – as much a part of his latter-day persona as his wavy, shoulder-length iron gray hair, his genial smile and his booming laugh). Before long, he headed back to the Big Apple, where he graduated to political caricatures for The New York Times and began to paint in earnest – initially within the sphere of pop, evolving into abstraction in the early 1980s. His first abstract pictures were heavily laden with paint and employed organic forms, but this gave way to the thinner paint application and gently geometric shapes that define his mature style.
Excerpt from Civic Entrepreneur: Artist and Dealer Richard Timperio, 1946-2018 by Piri Halasz (ARTCRITICAL)